Pricing + Services


Nutritional services starting at $99.


Nutrition Template

$99 — After an initial brief meeting to capture your measurements, weight and a few pieces of information, you will receive a prescriptive nutritional program via email based on your goals and individual metricsPrograms focus on a range of methods such as food selection, nutritional quality, caloric intake and macronutrient breakdown (protein, carbohydrate, fat).  Your program can be tailored to improve general health and wellness, as well as focus on individualized results such as muscle growth, weight loss and body composition.  This plan includes one follow-up session after 8 weeks to fine tune your program. This is a self-service template intended for someone who does not need access to additional Health Coaching to achieve success.

Group Coaching Program (8 week series)

$129/8 week program; minimum of 5 people to sign up. — Collect a group of family, friends or whoever! Or, we can create a group for you. Meet once each week for 8 weeks for accountability and support on a weight loss journey. Basic nutrition program (does not include a macro program). Meeting will include weigh-in, review of current group nutrition program and a weekly topic. Q&A at end of the session. (Non-CFSD members $169/8 week group program. Opt-in on any group program to also include macro/calorie plan, additional $50.)

One-on-one health coaching session (single)

$99/hour —  Already a graduate of a Seize the Day Nutrition program but need a tune-up? Or, do you just need some fresh ideas to get you going? This single session is for you. One hour of individualized attention with respect to nutrition, health and wellness strategies based on your individual needs. Includes comprehensive meeting notes sent within 24 hours of your session. This is great for clients who need to re-commit, discuss current health concerns, refresh and regroup nutritional strategies to get back on track. This is perfect for those who can self direct and stay on track without the constant attention of a Health Coach.

Ongoing Health Coaching plans

3 Month One-on-One Program: $450/paid in full (or $175 billed monthly; Non-CFSD members $599/paid in full) — Health Coaches support their clients to achieve a variety of health goals such as weight loss, strength gains, de-stressing, improved energy and controlling illnesses/autoimmune diseases through lifestyle and behavior modifications.  A Health Coach listens, mentors, inspires, guides, motivates and provides accountability to clients to cultivate positive health choices.  This 3 month package includes:

  • Initial in-person consultation  consisting of an extensive questionnaire so that your coach can get to know your lifestyle, medical history, current eating habits, measurements and goals.

  • A Personalized Nutrition Plan with periodic adjustments to keep progress moving

  • In-Person Meeting every 3 weeks to review measurements

  • Weekly Accountability Check-Ins via text/phone

  • Upon Program Completion for those members who successfully obtain their goal and choose to continue with a maintenance and accountability program that provides access to your coach via check-ins and one in-person meeting per month to monitor your progress and help you stay on target - $79/monthly.

    (Monthly billed option can be cancelled without penalty; one week notice required. Family members living in the same household: first person full price, second person 10% discount.)