Kathy Healy and Jeff Blasko working together is a force to be reckoned with. Coach Jeff, with his emphasis on form and technique, provides intense workouts while focusing on remaining injury free. Working with Kathy on a nutritional plan brought my fitness to a whole new level. In only 8 weeks I gained 2 pounds while loosing 1/2” on my waist. I gained muscle and leaned out while my strength and fitness improved quickly. Honestly, I questioned how much I was eating but put faith into the plan. Getting to my protein goals daily was a challenge, but I was able to adapt and it paid off. I was blown away seeing how quickly my body changed. I wish I could share what have I learned with 20 year old me. I am also extremely grateful that 45 year old me gets to work with them.
— Patrick H., Long Beach NY

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Kathy has a simple and common sense strategy when it comes to nutrition. No tricks, gimmicks, or short cuts. If you work hard and dedicate the effort, you will see results in body composition, and more importantly, the ability to push harder every day during training. Kathy created an individualized plan, giving me the map to follow for my own fitness goals. She made me realize that my concept for dieting needed changing, and that a nutritional plan that was built for my needs would immediately build muscle, tone, and definition.

— Chris L., Oceanside NY

No more pre-diabetes, no more high cholesterol or heartburn/GERD. I’m medication free for the first time in 20 years. Thank you Kathy for all the nutrition guidance and necessary pep talks. I’ve never felt so healthy and strong. Thank you for giving me a new lease on life and some muscle definition as well!

— Bari K., Rockville Centre NY


At age 67, I had resigned myself to always being overweight.  Since starting with Seize the Day Nutrition, I have undergone a “transformation” having lost 40lbs. I will soon be turning 70 and I feel stronger and better than ever. Taking that first step by walking into CrossFit Seize the Day as well as work with their nutrition coach was without doubt my one of my best life decisions!

— Jeff N., Rockville centre, NY

I started working with Kathy during a nutrition challenge at CrossFit Seize the Day.  Kathy helped me lose weight and achieve my fitness and health goals.  After following her advice, I lost several inches from problem areas on my body that I thought were lost causes.  (Goodbye saddlebags, hello abs!)  I found Kathy to be very knowledgeable, supportive, and responsive.  I am now stronger, fitter, and healthier.  If you want results, contact Kathy.

— tracey, C., ROckville Centre, NY